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Human evolutionary genetics

Teaching objectives

To provide students with theoretical and empirical knowledge on the evolution of our species and its genetic diversity.
To understand advanced methods in molecular and population genetics applied to human evolution.

Teaching outline

  • Introduction to genomic data
  • A genetic and paleoanthropological view of human origins
  • Evolutionary and cultural forces shaping human genomic diversity
  • Neutral diversity and demography inference
  • Natural selection at a genome-wide scale
  • Evolution and infectious diseases
  • Genetics of infectious diseases and human migrations
  • Human genetics and evolutionary medicine


Students must have a master 1 in biology or an equivalent medical degree.


scientific head

Paul Verdu, Enseignant-Chercheur, Directeur de Recherche au CNRS - UMR 7206 - Anthropologie Génétique

key words

Biology, genetic, anthropology, evolution.



Dates : 09-13th of December 2024 

Number of hours  : 30h

Delivery type :

Classroom, teaching resources might be available on the MNHN distance-learning platform.

Course given in English

Location : Musée de l'Homme 


Individual : 300 €

Public sector: 600 €

Private sector : 1200€

Students: free

MNHN employees : free

Contact et inscription

For registration send an E-mail to Paul Verdu