Cycle Ethique de la Recherche et Intégrité Scientifique


Vendredi, 9 Mars, 2018 - 14:03

La prochaine conférence de notre cycle aura lieu le jeudi 22 mars à 16h30 à l'amphi Farabeuf des Cordeliers.

A propos de la conférence


We hear more and more often about fraud in science and the trust in the research community is consequently challenged. Hence, research ethics has become a necessary ingredient in any higher educational programme. In my lecture, I give some examples of research misconduct and unethical behaviour – from the Nazi experiments to recent cases - and argue that it is necessary for universities to offer courses in research ethics for PhD students as well as for other researchers. I also give an account of the area of research ethics, and I argue that ethical issues are relevant to all stages of research, from problem formulation to the application of research findings. Finally, I present an outline of a course in research ethics.

Le conférencier

Göran Collste est professeur émérite d'éthique à l'université de Linköping en Suède.

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